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I would like to invite you to be a presenter at the Twelfth Annual White Privilege Conference (WPC12. The WPC is a program of The Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. WPC12 will be hosted by the Minnesota Justice Collaborative (MJC) in Minneapolis, MN from April 13-16, 2011 at the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel, Minneapolis South (www.sheraton.com/minneapolissouth <http://www.lacrossecenter.com/> ). Next year's theme is This Land Is Whose Land? Defining Citizenship * Understanding Access * Taking Action.

The annual WPC serves as a yearly opportunity to examine and explore issues of white supremacy, white privilege, diversity, multicultural education, leadership, social justice, race/racism, sexual orientation, gender relations, religion and other systems of privilege/oppression. This conference fits in perfectly with many of the issues that you fight for every day. The WPC is not about "beating up on white folks." It provides participants the opportunity to get honest about the type of society in which we live, and the advantages that accrue to some but not to others. The conference offers a means to develop and sustain ongoing work to dismantle this system of white supremacy, white privilege and oppression. The WPC is meant to educate all of us about how some knowingly and innocently participate in a cycle of bigotry and oppression due to power, prejudice, and privilege. Your understanding and expertise about these issues would benefit WPC participants tremendously.

We are looking for workshop/institute sessions to challenge and stretch participants everyday, all day long. Sessions should be interactive and must provide participants with practical skills/tools to go forth with this work. This is not a conference filled with sessions about people's programs or paper presentations (although some of that exists in the intros and closings). Rather, the WPC has been created and designed to address and explore specific topics and how they relate to white supremacy, white privilege and oppression, using an interactive approach and intersectional framework (bringing in issues of gender, sexuality, class, nationality, etc.).

As an invited workshop/institute presenter, the WPC will cover two nights of your hotel accommodations (double occupancy) at the Sheraton Bloomington Hotel, Minneapolis South (www.sheraton.com/minneapolissouth <http://www.lacrossecenter.com/> ). In addition, all workshop/institute presenters must register and pay a reduced registration fee of $185 (plus $25 for the Shabbat Dinner). As always, the WPC will not let financial constraints hinder the participation of presenters, performers or participants. We will work with you, if we know what you're working with! Please do not hesitate to call/email us with questions or concerns.

*Lastly, all new speakers must complete the new speaker orientation session. This session is designed to provide more information and suggestions related to the unique opportunities/challenges associated with WPC workshops/participants. This session is offered so the presenters’ and participants’ experience will be positive and productive (reciprocity). The orientation sessions are 45-minutes long and offered on Wednesday and Thursday evening. Eddie Moore, Jr., PhD
WPC Founder/Program Director
Director of Diversity
The Bush School (www.bush.edu <http://www.bush.edu/> ) eddie.moorejr@bush.edu
p. 206-326-7731 Visit: www.uccs.edu/~wpc <http://www.uccs.edu/~wpc>

Comments from WPC participants:
“Let me join in the appreciation circle, to say how wonderful it was to be part of an amazing group of guides, facilitators, educators, speakers, change agents, leaders for social justice and more... who came together to manifest such a transformational experience. Thank you WPC for your vision and leadership!”

Steven Jones, Ph.D., WPC11

CEO-Jones & Associates Consulting, Inc.

www.jonesandasssociatesconsulting.com <http://www.jonesandasssociatesconsulting.com/>
“Thank you for taking a chance on a new presenter like myself. And, thanks to the WPC core team and the site volunteers for your service! Also, thank you fellow presenters for taking the time and energy to provide such provocative and enlightening presentations. I’m still taking it all in. I’m deeply grateful to all of you and to my fellow conference attendees for engaging in this powerful process.”

Kelly L. Russo, Ph.D., WPC11
Northwest Human Service Center

“I'm sending this note to say thank you all for all that you do to leave the planet better than we found it. To the organizers, host, workers and especially to our founder, I want to say that words have not been created to express the level of gratitude I feel when I'm at the WPC. I know that I'm not alone in the world and the work for social justice, and I'm also reminded of how much more work we have to do. Thanks for creating the space for our youth and older folks :-) to come together and get better equipped to go and be more effective agents of change. Keep up the great work.”

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, WPC11

President, The Washington Consulting Group Founding Faculty, Social Justice Training Institute

www.washingtonconsultinggroup.net <http://www.washingtonconsultinggroup.net/>

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Tuesday, 9/21

Interview: Amer Ahmed –Spoken poet, Hip Hop activist, intercultural diversity consultant and college administrator.

Keynote: Juan Battle (WPC10 - Memphis, TN) “Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice: A View of the Future Through the Lens of a Public Sociologist.”

Tuesday, 9/28

Interview with Dr. Paul Kivel

Keynote: Paul Kivel (WPC 10 - Memphis, TN) “Understanding White Supremacy, Challenging White Privilege & Working for Social Justice”

Tuesday, 10/12

Interview with Dr. Jamie Washington

Keynote: Jamie Washington (WPC 8 – Colorado Springs, CO) “Is there a Hierarchy of Oppression?”

Tuesday, 10/19/10

Interview with Ariel Luckey

Keynote: Dorothy Roberts (WPC 10 – Memphis, TN) “White Privilege and the new Biopolitics of Race”

Tuesday, 10/26/10

Interview with Rhea Almeida

Keynote: Rhea Almeida (WPC 9 – Springfield, MA) “Enacting Liberatory Practices: From Critical Consciousness to Action”

Tuesday, 11/2/10

Interview with: Shakti Butler

Keynote: Shakti Butler (WPC 11 – La Crosse, WI) “Growing our Souls: Transformative Love and Radical Healing as Political Acts for Justice”

Tuesday, 11/9/10

Interview with: Adrien Wing

Keynote: Joe Feagin (WPC 9 – Springfield, MA) “The Two-Faced” Racism

Tuesday, 11/16/10

Keynote: Tim Wise (WPC 10 – Memphis, TN) “Between Barack and a Hard Place: Racism and White Denial in the Age of Obama”

Tuesday, 11/23/10

Keynote: John-Paul Chaisson-Cardenas (WPC 8 – Colorado Springs, CO) “Reclaiming Our Roots in Humanity”

Tuesday, 11/30/10

Keynote: Paula Rothenberg (WPC 8 – Colorado Springs, CO) “The Role of Schools in Reifying & Disrupting White Privilege”

Tuesday, 12/7/10

Keynote: Kevin Jennings (WPC 8 – Colorado Springs, CO) “American Dreams”

Tuesday, 12/14/10

Keynote: Spero Manson (WPC 11 – La Crosse, WI) “Redressing Health Inequities in Native America: The Role of Indian Self-Determination”

"When someone with the authority of a teacher describes the world, and you are not in it, there is a moment of psychic disequilibrium, as if you looked into a mirror and saw nothing."
~Adrienne Rich, 1986

The next White Privilege Conference www.uccs.edu/wpc is April 13-16, 2011 in Minneapolis, MN