Workshops: Foundational Pillars of Critical Conciousness

Please contact us at if you would like to learn about how IFS can support your organization in shifting towards liberatory practices.

Our team has experience working with youth & adolescents, educators, social workers and mental health practitioners, administrators, etc. working towards developing strategies for liberation. 


Some of the most recent presentations by faculty at IFS include:

"Liberation-Based Healing" -AFTA 2016

"Healing Practices in Sociol Work and Mental Health" LBHC 2016

"Critical Pedagogy and Intersectionality" -LBHC 2016

"If These Walls Could Talk- Revolutionizing Mental Health"- WPC 2016

"Planting Seeds of Equity and Justice for Youth"- WPC 2016

"Creating Transformative Spaces for Equity" WPC 2015

"Critical Consciousness and Empowerment: Transformative Change" LBHC 2014