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The Institute for Family Services Publishes LIBERATION BASED HEALING PRACTICES, by Visionary Family Therapist, Dr. Rhea Almeida 

Imagine you are in the desert. You are thirsty and hungry. You recall enjoying meals with friends…Water was plentiful. Nothing that satisfying and soothing has come your way in recent times. You contemplate the reasons for your loss of… life’s deserved embrace.  Will your loneliness and pain be forever or must you change your worldview, your journey, and your life script?

Dr. Rhea Almeida, Liberation Based Healing

Plainfield, NJ: February, 2019 – The Institute for Family Services announces the publication of LIBERATION BASED HEALING PRACTICES, the groundbreaking work by Dr. Rhea Almeida, one of the world’s foremost experts on how society and the cultural context in which we live, shapes our lives and relationships.

In her engaging new book filled with compelling case studies and step-by-step solutions to engender healing, Almeida chronicles over twenty years of community practice. She methodically exposes the therapeutic norms of Western societies as entangled with practices and histories of colonization, setting the bar for developing strategies to understand and reframe the experiences of people whose lives are saturated with patriarchy and other systems of dominance.

In addition, a liberation based healing perspective focuses on groundbreaking work linking people across family and community boundaries. Personal and relational problems are situated within broader social issues to form a healing context.

Almeida, of Desai Indian heritage, was diagnosed with polio as a small child and within the cultural context of her own community, learned how different societies value the role of women. Raised in Uganda, Almeida and her family were forced to flea to the United States when Dictator Idi Amin came to power.  Her experience as a young woman in a new culture, the mentors who influenced her, were influential in developing the strategies to create tools to shift the foundations of Critical Consciousness to one of accountability.

A renowned lecturer and practitioner, universally respected in her field, Almeida points the way to the future in family therapy and the health of our families within this tumultuous time in history.

Praise for LIBERATION BASED HEALING: An entirely new paradign, one in which there is deep trust in the human capacity to relate, collaborate, share, and heal.

Jacqueline Battalora, Saint Xavier University

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