Parents Need Stress Relief

April 2, 2020

Parents Need Stress Relief, Too We’re all anxious. Individuals Living Alone need Connections and Stress Relief Too!

Here are ways to cope.


Research shows that exercise helps reduce anxiety and depression Run or walk outdoors (maintaining appropriate social distancing) At-home fitness classes alone or with kids can provide health benefits and levity during this uncertain time. Some companies such as Down Dog are offering free access to students, teachers and healthcare professionals due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Other classes such as Cosmic Kids Yoga can be found on YouTube.

Give yourself grace

Now is not the time to hold yourself to stringent parenting standards. Managing your child’s distance learning while working from home may mean relaxing your usual screen time rules or other expectations of both yourself and your family members so you can all cope through these uncertain times.

Don’t judge

You and your partner/family may be coping in different ways but you are all doing your best to deal with a difficult and unprecedented situation. Use “I” statements to convey your needs or desires when you find yourself in a disagreement. If living alone disagreements may occur when speaking with your friends or family. Follow the same advice but be sure to express your ideas.

Sleep hygiene

Don’t do work in the area where you rest. Power down all devices at least an hour before going to bed.

Timebox your worries

Limit your news consumption. Try setting timers on your device when reading or watching news so that you are not consumed by what is trending. Set a time of day to focus on your worries. If intrusive thoughts and anxieties plague you during the day, jot them down and remind yourself that you set a time to focus on them later.

Stay connected

While social distancing is a must you can use facetime, skype and other technology to remain connected to friends and loved ones. Set a regular time and day to connect with those who matter to you and keep the date. Plan a watch party of something that you enjoy after the kids are in bed.

Help Others where you can

If you are able, volunteer to get a vulnerable person groceries or medicine. Continue to pay services providers who may be at more of a disadvantage due to shutdowns and travel restrictions

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(Individuals Living Alone need Connections and Stress Relief Too! – IFS contributions).

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