Portland, Oregon 2014

9th Annual Liberation-Based Healing Conference - Speaking Truth to Power: Decolonization Through Liberation-Based Healing



The Liberation-Based Healing Conference presents strategies that promote relational healing and liberation from the oppressive patterns that structure society.

This year’s conference theme is Speaking Truth to Power: Decolonization Through Liberation-Based Healing. Participants will learn to apply decolonizing practices to community and domestic violence, education, trauma, mental health and wellness, religious and spiritual practices, poverty, and youth empowerment.

On day one we will hear from therapists, teachers, and community activists from across North America who will describe initiatives created in their communities that promote healing, equity and access for all, and will engage participants in dialogue, inquiry and social action strategies.

Day two will bridge learning and strategies from local community members and activists to envision opportunities to form new alliances and generate liberation-based healing practices for grassroots community change. Participation in day two only is free and open to the public.