Therapy Services

Family Therapy

The structure of families today range from the traditional nuclear families, single parent families, extended families, etc. living together, each with different and similar challenges including: possible trauma from life events; the stress of parenting children while tending to their social, academic, and recreational needs; balancing the demands of work with other aspects of living and maintaining healthy relationships;

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Post-Graduate Training/Internship

Liberation Based Practice Trainees receive didactic and live supervision in the clinic, working with wide trajectories of families, including Spanish language clients , that are navigating multiple systems—educational, workplace, criminal justice, etc. This specialized work with men, women, children of all ages, and members of the LGBTQ* community incorporates family systems, social justice

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Liberation Based Healing Conferences

The Annual Liberation-Based Healing Conference Since 2005 the Institute for Family Services has been bringing together health practitioners, and therapists, community activists and organizers, educators, faith and community leaders, students and more for dialogue and inquiry focused on a system of relational healing that embraces critical consciousness, empowerment, and accountability. Here is a short description of our vision

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Workshops: Foundational Pillars Of Critical Conciousness

Please contact us at if you would like to discuss a tailored workshop for your organization. Our team has experience working with youth & adolescents, educators, social workers and mental health practitioners, administrators, and grass roots organizations around many challenging issues faced by systems working toward change. IFS will design a workshop or series of trainings to address you...

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