Family therapy

The structure of families today range from the traditional nuclear families, single parent families, extended families, etc. living together, each with different and similar challenges including: possible trauma from life events; the stress of parenting children while tending to their social, academic, and recreational needs; balancing the demands of work with other aspects of living and maintaining healthy relationships; the challenges of caretaking for elders; and navigating other difficulties which present across the lifespan.

The innovative team at the Institute for Family Services works to link individuals and families with one another to build therapeutic communities. This experience of family counseling service offers adults and youth who have been stigmatized and labeled with an experience of self-transformation as they are embraced by rich connections and support while working towards the change they seek. These opportunities for healing are offered to families across class, gender identity and sexual orientation, race or immigration status and regardless of presenting issues.

All our clinicians are trained in liberation-based practices of marriage and family therapy in NJ.

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