IFS Israel War Statement

We Condemn Violence, Oppression and Brutality
We Stand in Unity with the People of Israel in the Fight against Terrorism
We Stand by the People of Palestine Who Live under Tragic Conditions and the Terroristic Rule of Hamas

In a few short weeks, we will be joining with our colleagues from across the country at the 18th Annual Liberation Based Healing Conference. What does healing look like in a time of war? How can we speak of compassion and empathy when we have been shaken to our core by the barbaric acts of Hamas terrorists and the relentless retaliatory bombing of the Israeli government? How can we confront our shared traumatic pasts when they are our present? How can we move on with peace and love at the same time that we renounce terrorist acts in the harshest, most profound way?

The Institute for Family Services condemns Hamas and the unforgivable atrocities it has spewed upon the people of Israel and the hate its actions have ignited among terrorists around the world. We are deeply worried for the safety of our Jewish friends and family, near and far.

As the days go by, we hear from the survivors of Saturday’s massacre and learn of unspeakable acts of violence. And we see the devastating effect of rage inflicted on innocent people, living in poverty and oppression in Gaza, and now cut off from vital resources. We are equally worried for the safety of our Palestinian friends and family, trapped in harm’s way.

We represent all peace-loving people of the world when we say we must do what we can to prevent genocide, and also stop the spread of anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim rhetoric. We have friends and family in all corners of the world, including both Israel and Palestine. This is a deeply personal issue to our organization and our conference.

This year, as we have every year for the past 18, we will come together at the Liberation Based Healing Conference to create a shared experience of liberation and joy, personal expression and collective intellectual discourse. This year, though straddled with grief and sadness, we are also inspired by the strength and resolve of those fighting for justice.